Utilizing years of experience with polyethylene pipe extrusion, Union Pipes Industry LLC now manufactures PE Liner (T-Lock & Plain) as permanent protection for concrete pipes, other structures and applications. PE is the most chemically
resistant member of the polyolefn family on account of its dense configuration. Nowadays, it is the most commonly used membrane in various applications. It offers great ultraviolet protection and ageing resistance from the
severe stresses of weather and it is manufactured from the high-quality resins following a rigorous QA/QC program.

ThicknessPlain – 1.6mm to 8mm with T-lock 1.6mm to 3.5mm
ColorsBlack (Other colors on request)
ApplicationsLining of RC Pipes, PCC Units Underground Structures, Foundations, Culverts, Reservoirs and Tanks, Under Roads etc.


  • Internal protection concrete sewers,
  • manholes and drainage pipes
  • External protection foundations and sub-structures
  • Internal / external protection culverts
  • Concrete structures containing
  • corrosive liquids
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Internal lining of reservoirs


  • Environmentally Friendly (Estidama)
  • Selected polyethylene resins providing flexibility and strength
  • Easily cut to suit any shape or form
  • Ideal protection against corrosive elements
  • Suitable for potable water applications
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Perfectly weldable for complete sealing
  • Perfect waterproof performance
  • Seepage and humidity resistance
  • No chloride and sulphates attacks
  • No Hydrogen Sulphide attacks
  • Excellent physical and mechanical performance
  • High tearing resistance
  • Good deformation adaptability
  • High puncture resistance
  • High aging resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • Anti-acid & alkali
  • Excellent low high temperature resistance
  • Safe, long life span


PE Material
DensitygIcc≥ 0.93ISO 1183 I ASTM D792
ColorBlackOther colors on request
Carbon Black Content%2.00 – 3.00ASTM D1603
Melt Flow Index(2.16kg)g/10min≤ 1.3ISO 1133 I ASTM D1238
OITmin.>20 @200o CASTM D3895
Sheet Dimensions
Thickness (T-Lock)mm1.60 – 3.50STM D4801
Thickness (Plain)mmmm 1.60 – 3.50ASTM D4801
LengthmAs required
Physical properties
Durometer Hardness -1secShore-D≥ 50ASTM D2240
Durometer Hardness -10secShore-D≥ 40ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength @ yieldMPa≥ 12ASTM D638
Tensile Strength @ breakMPa≥ 20ASTM D638
Elongation at break%> 600ASTM D638
Tear resistanceN≥ 150ASTM D1004
Puncture resistanceN≥ 300ASTM D4833
Water Absorption%≤ 0.4ASTM D570

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